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ok, I’m having a little obsession with cranberries lately.. I just bought cranberry scones and bread from four leaves.. I love their bread!!! And a few days ago I had bought cranberry with pumpkin seeds oatmeal cookies from mark’s and spencers… here’s a pic of my yummies with my camera phone! The cookies I had taken them out and put it in a box..

Ok, I am just updating, also want to post some food I ate at some chinese restaurant last week in centrepoint… Its called Noodle Place Restaurant.. along food street in centrepoint.. Here’s the pics..

HUGE cup of tea for a chinese restaurant, and its free flow. Good enough for me! I have to have chinese tea!!

This I love… fried beancurd…. damn yummy.. when you bite it, you can see the tofu, mixed with some veggies and ham and I dunno what else, but this is my favourite dish from here! And the sauce is very good!

I ordered this because I thought it was the same as BABY dou miao.. it’s NOT. It’s just dou miao… the older version of the yummy BABY dou miao.. I like babies better hehe.. another name for them it’s snow peas I think..

This one… something like ‘sum lor hor fan’, basically it’s fat rice noodles with bean sprouts and huge slices of fish… Ordinary.. try crystal jade’s one.. that one is fantastic..

Steamed cod fish.. very good.. very fresh, and quite meaty.. for the price, it’s definitely more worth it than crystal jade’s one.. this one cost about $15 i think.

Dessert………. yummy! ok I am not the sort to eat dessert, but I was itchy mouth that day, so I am not sure if it actually tastes as it shld but it tasted good to me! This is vanilla panna cotta… it’s like marshmallow, soft and fluffy, and it tasted just sweet enough…really good..

haha a close up!

Some scroll thingy at the restaurant..

The restaurant… not really a big place, but kind of cosy..service is not too bad


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Indian Vegetarian

Been eating lots of veggie, and in particular indian vegetarian whenever I can find a store. Here’s from my workplace

It looks colourful and yummy, but actually it was only average.. Here’s another from the food court at wisma

with my teh halia

The little bowl of dal looks nice, but taste only ok. but overall not bad, I prefer the one at woodlands though, it has rasam! 🙂 But of course, iniavan’s one is still the best to me. At this rate, I can write reviews of where to get the yummiest indian vegetarian haha

Oh and I love teh halia or masala, but I saw how they made it outside… they use loads of condensed milk and evaporated milk…. I almost fainted, so I decided to make my own. Of course it does not taste as milky and sweet but I still love the ginger and cinammon taste!

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I wish I could say I cooked some stuff, but besides sandwiches, I haven’t prepared anything much.. oh well, but I had a yummy indian vegetarian lunch today, so I took a pic of it and wanted to put it here and drool over it cos I don’t get to eat much yummy indian vegetarian anymore these days..This is still not the best, but then good enough.

So here it is.. there’s a little bowl of rasam, another small bowl of dal. I could choose 3 tyes of veg.. they didn’t have spinach today 😦 So I chose bitter gourd, some other gourd veggie, and brinjal. All yummy!! And of cos, there’s the papad! 🙂 All for about $4.50 if I remember correctly..

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This is my first attempt at making chicken soup from scratch. I am rather against using stock cubes, so I wanted to make my own, simple and fast. I also had watercress on hand, which I bought as I wanted to make watercress soup. It’s a lovely lovely veg, which has a rather distinctive ‘earthy’ taste. Usually it is made with pork ribs, but well, again, I’ve thrown it together with chicken and they seem to get along very well 😀


  • 2 chicken thighs
  • Lots of garlic, peeled
  • a bunch of watercress
  • 1/2 medium yellow onion, chopped
  • 1 spring onion, chopped to ~2 inch pieces
  • soy sauce/salt to taste
  1. Bring a pot of water to boil.
  2. Take a knife and use it to mash the garlic. Don’t mince or chop it all up.
  3. Add the garlic, onion and chicken to the pot of water and boil till chicken is cooked. (You may want to remove the skin to get a low-fat soup, but for more flavour, leave it on) ~10 minutes
  4. Add watercress and continue to cook for ~ 5 minutes.
  5. Add salt/sauce to taste and cook for another minute.
  6. Add spring onion, serve.

Note: Be careful not to overcook the watercress till it is yellowish green.

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