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ok, I’m having a little obsession with cranberries lately.. I just bought cranberry scones and bread from four leaves.. I love their bread!!! And a few days ago I had bought cranberry with pumpkin seeds oatmeal cookies from mark’s and spencers… here’s a pic of my yummies with my camera phone! The cookies I had taken them out and put it in a box..

Ok, I am just updating, also want to post some food I ate at some chinese restaurant last week in centrepoint… Its called Noodle Place Restaurant.. along food street in centrepoint.. Here’s the pics..

HUGE cup of tea for a chinese restaurant, and its free flow. Good enough for me! I have to have chinese tea!!

This I love… fried beancurd…. damn yummy.. when you bite it, you can see the tofu, mixed with some veggies and ham and I dunno what else, but this is my favourite dish from here! And the sauce is very good!

I ordered this because I thought it was the same as BABY dou miao.. it’s NOT. It’s just dou miao… the older version of the yummy BABY dou miao.. I like babies better hehe.. another name for them it’s snow peas I think..

This one… something like ‘sum lor hor fan’, basically it’s fat rice noodles with bean sprouts and huge slices of fish… Ordinary.. try crystal jade’s one.. that one is fantastic..

Steamed cod fish.. very good.. very fresh, and quite meaty.. for the price, it’s definitely more worth it than crystal jade’s one.. this one cost about $15 i think.

Dessert………. yummy! ok I am not the sort to eat dessert, but I was itchy mouth that day, so I am not sure if it actually tastes as it shld but it tasted good to me! This is vanilla panna cotta… it’s like marshmallow, soft and fluffy, and it tasted just sweet enough…really good..

haha a close up!

Some scroll thingy at the restaurant..

The restaurant… not really a big place, but kind of cosy..service is not too bad


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Steamed fish

As this is my first post here, let me share my family’s favourite healthy food! Steamed fish, chinese style 🙂

The type of fish you use will determine the taste. Some fishes are not so good for steaming, some taste really really good steamed. And remember, when you want to do this dish, you have to use fresh fish, or the smell will be.. erm.. fishy :p

Fish that I recommend for steaming:

  • Silver pomfret
  • Threadfin
  • Red Snapper (White snappers do NOT taste good steamed.. to me at lease)
  • Sea bass
  • Red Grouper
  • Red Tiliapia
  • Red Molly

I am still trying to get good shots of my food, but unfortunately the camera does not really like me all that much as yet. So i will continue to try and make friends with it. In the mean time, bear with these pics.


  • Threadfin, 2 fillets
  • Garlic 2 cloves, chopped
  • Ginger a few slices (or more if you think your fish is not too fresh)
  • Cherry tomatoes, about 5 (you may use normal tomatoes here)
  • Spring onion, 1 chopped into about 2-3 inch peices
  • Light soy sauce, to your taste

1. Wash and place your fish in a clean plate.

2. Arrange the garlic, ginger, tomatoes on the top/bottom/sides of the fish.

3. Drizzle the sauce over the fish

4. Allow it to stand for a while in the refridgerator.

5. Heat up water till it is boiling in a wok and place wire rack right in the center. (Alternatively you can use a steamer)

6. Put the fish on the wire rack and cover for 15 minutes.

7. Uncover and add the spring onions and cover again for about 1 minute. Serve.

Note: If you wish to have a little more gravy, you may want to add a few Tbs of water to the fish before steaming.

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