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Indian Vegetarian

Been eating lots of veggie, and in particular indian vegetarian whenever I can find a store. Here’s from my workplace

It looks colourful and yummy, but actually it was only average.. Here’s another from the food court at wisma

with my teh halia

The little bowl of dal looks nice, but taste only ok. but overall not bad, I prefer the one at woodlands though, it has rasam! 🙂 But of course, iniavan’s one is still the best to me. At this rate, I can write reviews of where to get the yummiest indian vegetarian haha

Oh and I love teh halia or masala, but I saw how they made it outside… they use loads of condensed milk and evaporated milk…. I almost fainted, so I decided to make my own. Of course it does not taste as milky and sweet but I still love the ginger and cinammon taste!


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I wish I could say I cooked some stuff, but besides sandwiches, I haven’t prepared anything much.. oh well, but I had a yummy indian vegetarian lunch today, so I took a pic of it and wanted to put it here and drool over it cos I don’t get to eat much yummy indian vegetarian anymore these days..This is still not the best, but then good enough.

So here it is.. there’s a little bowl of rasam, another small bowl of dal. I could choose 3 tyes of veg.. they didn’t have spinach today 😦 So I chose bitter gourd, some other gourd veggie, and brinjal. All yummy!! And of cos, there’s the papad! 🙂 All for about $4.50 if I remember correctly..

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We had dinner last night at Din Tai Fung, a chinese restaurant. (Did you know that breadtalk owns the franchise for this restaurant???) Anyway, I decided to try taking some pics with my new phone and see the quality. Not the best, but well the food still looks yummy to me!

So here’s what we had..

Baby dou miao!

My beef ramen soup.. without beef.. cos I don’t know how to eat tendons and stuff and it scares me… but I love the soup.. my bro ate the soup with beef

My parent’s chicken soup

And the xiao long baos!!! These are filled with soup and you eat it with ginger and vinegar. yummy


And of cos.. when you go to a chinese restaurant, you have to always drink tea!!

They used to serve pu-erh.. I kind of liked the woody fragrance, but my mom doesn’t. Now they serve.. I think its oolong.. but its so light, I can hardly tell.. sigh. I wish they would up the quality of tea! But anyhow, it is still nice to drink tea after the food.

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